How does THAREJA track my team's productivity and efficiency?

Tracking your team's efficiency can be a challenge, but we've equipped THAREJA.AI with several great features to help you determine how they perform.

For example, a video editor could have low activity rates over short but recurring periods of time throughout the day. However, the desktop app usage report will show that they spent almost all of their time on video editing software. This would make sense as rendering videos takes time but involves no keyboard or mouse input.

Another example is a writer working on an extensive article. A low activity rate doesn't immediately imply that they're inefficient. Heavy research and web browsing typically precede writing, so be sure to review the websites they visited before making a conclusion.

THAREJA.AI works best when you have clear expectations for your team. It helps you determine each team member's average productivity levels to identify improvements or declines in their performance over time. In other words, the more you use THAREJA.AI, the better the results you'll get.

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