Best practices for employee monitoring

Employee monitoring laws are different in each country, but a good rule of thumb is to make sure your employees know why, how, and when you're tracking their data. The best thing to do is to have them review and sign a written consent form before proceeding.

  • Create a policy. Having clear guidelines on employee monitoring is essential. This includes specifying which devices and software they're allowed to use and what data you'll be monitoring.
  • Be transparent with your intentions and expectations. Your team should know the exact reason behind the monitoring, what you aim to achieve, and if the tracked data impacts their performance reviews.
  • Don't go beyond your scope. If you agree that you will not track your team's screens or keyboard activity, then don't — no exceptions, even if you do have the means to do so.

TL;DR: Obtain written consent from all your team members before monitoring their devices — even if they are company-provided. Keep in mind: Written consent shouldn’t be a factor in whether you hire someone or keep them on your team. Be as clear and transparent as possible but also flexible should you need to modify expectations.

Disclaimer: This information is not professional legal advice. Please refer to your specific state or country policies or dedicated legal counsel.

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